All dogs advertised on our rehoming page have already spent their required time in the kennels and are available to go to suitable homes immediately. We have some lovely dogs each week who find themselves homeless through no fault of their own.Your new best friend may be just a visit away ! Ensure that you really have the time and commitment that a dog requires. A dog really is for life. 
Please read carefully conditions of sale before purchasing a dog or puppy from the kennels.
Thank-you for your interest. Everyone here, two legged and four legged, look forward to seeing you.

As most of our regular visitors know, Corran Kennels does not put a time limit on dogs that are suitable for rehoming. Some dogs have been here many months. As the council only pays to keep a dog for six days any additional time is paid for from our own pocket.We also parvo vaccinate all stray dogs and puppies at our own expense. To enable us to continue to do this we have had to slightly increase our rehoming fee. This is the first increase in over four years. 

Adult dogs cost £50 + licence.
Puppies cost £80 + licence,
Puppies will have been wormed and parvo vaccinated.
FREE MICROCHIPING also available.
A majority of the dogs which come to our kennels are strays. Therefore we have no information on their previous history i.e. age, temperament, health etc.  It is recommended that you take the dog to a veterinary surgeon within 72 hours of purchase and have it vaccinated. If any health problems are found it should be returned to the kennels for a full refund.
Neither Corran Kennels or the individual councils take responsibility for vets fees incurred by the purchaser. 
All of the puppies which come to our kennels are either strays or unwanted. In some cases they have simply been abandoned. Most will not have had a great start in life. On arrival at the kennels they are parvo vaccinated and wormed. In most cases this vaccine is effective but not always. A lot depends on where the puppy spent the first part of its life.
They are usually heavily infested with worms, and will need several treatments and regular worming. While we try to ensure that every puppy we rehome is healthy, despite our best efforts a few are not. It is recommended that the puppy is checked over by a veterinary surgeon within 72 hours of purchase and is vaccinated as required. If any health problems are found it should be returned to the kennels for a full refund.Neither Corran Kennels or the individual councils take responsibility for vets fees incurred by the purchaser.


Refunds will only be given if the dog is aggressive or unhealthy. An unhealthy dog should be accompanied by a vets certificate stating the nature of the problem.
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